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Borrow against your native assets like BTC or ETH and receive a USD denominated debt without interest, expiration, or risk of liquidation.

What is Thorchain Lending?

Unlock the value of your Bitcoin

Deposit BTC or ETH into THORChain lending and receive debt at 50% Loan-To-Value. Your debt is always denominated in USD but can be received or repaid easily with any asset supported by THORChain.

Pay back your debt and THORChain will send you back your collateral.

THORChain deploys collateral in the liquidity pools, allowing the protocol to earn yield from swap fees. This provides users the opportunity to borrow without charging interest.

THORChain's unique architecture makes it the best protocol to unlock the value of your assets - without having to sell your coins or worry about liquidations from price fluctuations.

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Lending Information

How Lending Works

Borrow against your native assets, receive as USD-denominated debt


TOR Stablecoin

Collateral is provided as Layer 1 assets and debt is recorded in TOR - THORChain's internal censor-resistant stablecoin oracle. Debt can be paid back as any asset, which is swapped to TOR to repay. Loans can't be partially repaid.

Derived Assets

Derived assets are used for the accounting of lending collateral. Derived assets maintain the price of the corresponding native asset and ensure that the protocol maintains a strict policy of economic security.

50% Loan-to-Value

THORChain Loans are issued at a fixed 200% CR or 50% LTV.

To refinance if collateral value increases, the user must close their existing loan and open a new one.

30 Day Minimum

Loans have a minimum term of 30 days, to encourage long-term depositors, which gives the maximum benefit to the protocol. A borrower cannot receive their collateral back before the minimum term.

Lending Risk

Lending Risk Management

Protections built into THORChain to keep lending safe


Lending Caps

The Lending protocol is capped to ensure that it does not outgrow the liquidity of the network. Once the caps are hit, new loans cannot be taken out, but existing loans can still be closed.

Virtual Liquidity Pools

Lending uses virtual pool depths to make swaps between collateral and debt. Virtual pool depths constrict during times of high volatility to protect the network against price manipulation. The best time to take out or pay back a loan is during times of low volatility.

RUNE Supply Cap

There is a hard supply cap of 500m RUNE that can exist, limiting impact on the RUNE supply and protecting the montary policy of the protocol.


Monitoring solutions have been created to provide a comprehensive overview of the lending protocol's health, TOR, collateral value, virtual pools, RUNE supply, and more.


Lending Interfaces

Loans can be opened or managed on any supported interface









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